Idun Isdrake – Game Designer & Film Director

Story Architect and Playcentric Studios are my production companies for games and film. We make in-house productions with small to medium sized teams from our global networks, and freelance/consult for other organizations. We provide creative direction, design and production of games, film, stage performances, experience & transmedia design, immersive experiences and art installations.


Directing is my core role in film making, but I also have experience and education in editing, script writing, story architecture for transmedia, production, budgeting, pitching, film curation for festivals and exhibitions, costume design, set design, photography, stunts, location scouting, casting, scientific consultation, marketing and community management, as well as R&D, design and consulting for immersive media, virtual production and new video technologies. In game development my core areas are creative direction, game design and innovation. I also have experience in simpler engines, systems design, AI dataset curation and creation, UX, UI, team management, team building, production, branding, road mapping, running large scale game jams with game and engine teams to foster collaboration and innovation, office and workshop facilitation, accessibility, diversity and equity strategy etc.

My work spans from art house and experimental, to music videos, projection mapping, interactive documentaries and installations, and TV including LARP and live features intertwining with broadcasting. I have an interest in new hybrid formats and diverse narratives, and focus on my new genre, Nordic & Arctic futurism, in my current productions and research.

Between 2009 and 2015 I built a lab and hosted several festivals and events in a film studio, connecting the game and film industries. In 2016/7 the lab moved to a more game industry focused location and continued with events to improve the industry and foster collaboration and innovation. I also speak at universities and conferences, mainly about technological development, design fiction, transmedia, game design, accessibility, diversity, equity and digital culture. I have an MFA in Film, soon a PhD in Design & Computational Arts, and I have won a couple of awards, all listed at