Idun Isdrake – Film Director



Directing is my core skill but I also have experience and education in script writing, story architecture for transmedia, game design, production, costume design, set design, photography, stunts, location scouting, casting, scientific consultation, marketing and community management, as well as R&D, design and consulting for immersive media and new technologies.

My work spans from art house and experimental, to music videos, projection mapping, interactive documentaries and installations, and TV including LARP and live features intertwining with broadcasting. It is also influenced by my work in the game industry, and I have a focus on new and diverse narratives. Between 2009 and 2015 I built a lab and hosted several festivals and events in a film studio, connecting the game and film industries.

I am the first director to implant a video link in my own body through a cyborg chip, and I have made soundtracks through biodata like heart beats and nerve signals. The last decade I have also been lecturing at universities and speaking at conferences, mainly about design fiction, transmedia, game design, diversity and digital culture.

I have an MFA in film and a couple of awards, all listed at

In 2021 there are a few projects in the pipeline and I always look for innovative collaborators, mainly producers and funding partners.

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