Story Architect is a think and do collaboratory, a production and consulting company growing out of Idun Design founded in 2007 by Jasmine Idun Isdrake; film/stage/transmedia director and producer, curator, game- and experience designer, lecturer, social innovator, tech nerd, archaeologist and fire breather… All works within ICT and film is conducted under Story Architect, the interactive/electronic arts and game design services go under the department Playcentric Industries & Institute.

Story Architect has produced many large scale events and is short-listed by the Digital Agenda for Europe, as a high-impact initiative with regard to the domain of fostering ICT entrepreneurship. Jasmine Idun Isdrake is often booked for giving advice or talks on digital culture and ethics, creative leadership, game-, maker- and DIY-cultures, participatory and open design, story and communication architectures, innovation and prototyping methods, alternative economies, design thinking etc. Museums, universities, policy makers, city planners, medical organisations and production companies are among the clients.

Story Architect runs a research and game innovation lab, Collaboratory, including what we call a next generation makerspace, designed for co-creation within games, ICT, film, stage, art and design. Collaboratory works with social innovation and A/CSR (academic/corporate social responsibility) through inclusion and interactive narrative, by sharing resources and curating labs for social change and open innovation, by supporting start-ups, indie developers and other creatives in their project and personal development, and by promoting STEAM education through activities like science festivals and game jams.

Designs can be done for any project that values user centered communication architectures, experience design and technologies, sustainable relations and solutions. All cultural expressions are considered communication, story architecture and human- and playcentric experience design is key. Story Architect works transdisciplinary and through border crossing collaborations as innovation happens in the crossing point of diverse and crossgenerational perspectives.

Epic Unidragon Gallery, Electrodome – festival for interactive, electronic and transmedia arts, and the Make Change conference are other initiatives founded by Jasmine Idun Isdrake. CV, academic transcripts, projects and client list is available here